The Fem Word is an online space where women of all ages are given

the opportunity to share their stories. 


It's been said that storytelling is the vehicle by which

humanity is woven together. 

An ability unique to humans  that allows us to perpetuate

knowledge and ideas; 

A way to instill hope, inspire and move our

peers and generations to come.


We want to amplify the experiences of badass women who are successful in their own right, and share their knowledge,

advice and feedback. 


We want to give women the opportunity to hear the answers to the questions they have always wanted to ask.


Every individual on this planet embarks on his or her own unique path to a destination unknown. This path, full of experiences,

defines you and your journey. 


Your path is your journey. And well, your journey is your story.


When was the last time you told your story?

Or asked someone about his or hers?


And we mean really, truly shared.


Welcome to The Fem Word.