Sammy Courtright//ON EDUCATION

Co-Founder, Fitspot | Los Angeles, CA

My name is Sammy Courtright and I am the Co-Founder and COO of Fitspot.  However titles mean nothing in a start-up. I am responsible for the daily operation of Fitspot and I am the go-to person for anything concerning our customers, our staff and our product.

What does receiving an education mean to you?

Receiving an education to me means opportunity. 


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Why is women's education so important?

A women’s education is vital. It levels the playing field. Education gives you the ability to make informed and smart decisions.

Is there a female in your life that had a positive impact on you?​

My mentor Nicole Alexander is an inspiration to me. She encouraged me to explore different opportunities professionally. Her driving ambition is motivating as she sees no barriers. She adapts her skills and capabilities to mold to the ever-changing business environment. She is a force to be reckoned with.

What would you say to encourage girls around the world who dream of going to school and getting an education? 

Please don’t give up. Education doesn’t have a time frame and everything from mentors, to internships, to reading and listening can influence your education. 

Any last words for our readers?

 I would LOVE to mentor anyone who is interested in starting their own business. I have learned so much and have plenty to share!