Filmmaker, Los Angeles 

Bia Jurema is a Brazilian director, editor, and photographer working in Los Angeles. 

She has shot and edited for brands like Adidas, BET, Viacom, Hilton, Paramount, Avion, and Citi.

Aside from her own clientele and artistic endeavors, she continues to tell stories by collaborating with some of the industry's most recognizable names. She works as a freelance Editor at Live Nation Entertainment and continues to team up with companies like Caviar, NYLAC, SuperDeluxe, and Block Party ​to create original​, empowering ​storie​s. 

What does receiving an education mean to you?


Receiving an education is like holding a master key. You can open different doors. The type of life doors that lead to a better understanding of the world at large, and of your own capabilities. Education, at the very least, is an opportunity to have a shot. At the most, it's everything.


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Why is women's education so important?

Education gives ​women a chance to break ​through the economic and social constraints that have been ​inflicted upon us by institutions and societies across the globe. ​As a feminist who's always searching for females in authoritative positions, I feel education gives ​us the ​skillset and ​confidence to step into male-dominated professions with success. 


We can ​work towards having more women in leadership roles,​ utilizing

 education to shape the views and beliefs of others that may be in opposition to, for example,​ some basic women's ​rights.


Education allows men and women to come together to work towards a 

​better future for all.

Is there a female in your life that had a positive impact on you?​

Frida Kahlo is an inspiration of mine. She represents resilience and perseverance. After her accident, all odds of succeeding were against her. She spent the majority of her life suffering in a hospital bed. Yet, she was able to overcome a type of adversity that would deter most individuals. To this day, she remains one of the most decorated artists of all time. She was unafraid outside of her art, too. She showed up to her family's portrait session dressed head to toe in "male" clothing when most people expected and encouraged her to play the role of a "lady." She was comfortable making others uncomfortable. That's cool to me. 

What would you say to encourage girls around the world who dream of going to school and getting an education? 

You should never stop fighting for something that will enhance your life. If you're willing to make daily strides towards your goal, no matter how small they may seem, you will always be moving in the right direction. And having a direction is something a lot of people don't necessarily figure out.